OBS 2.2.72 released, switch to apache and SSL as default

We just released OBS 2.2.72, another alpha release for OBS 2.3. The most significant change to former alpha snapshots is the switch to apache. We do so for a number of reasons:

  1. Getting a maintained base again for our default httpd
  2. Using mod_rails (passenger) is more flexible then the static setup before
  3. Optimizations are possible via additional modules (more about that later)

We think that some bugs like the invalid occassional empty replies by the api server are solved via this switch as well.

The OBS 2.2.72 appliance is already comming with apache setup. Please note that we use also SSL by default, a default SSL CA is created on bootup and becomes part of your data partition.

In case you use the packages outside of the appliance, you need to do some configuration steps. But don’t worry, a apache vhost file comes with the packages already and only a few steps need to be done, the README files should reflect this already.

lighttpd setups should still work, but please note that lighttpd is running with an own user id (“lighttpd”) and the default is now the generic “wwwrun” user for some directories.