Build Service 1.0 Release Candidate is out

We just released the Build Service 1.0 release candidate. The final release is expected in two weeks.

Most important about this release are the improvements in source handling. Submissions to foreign projects are possible now. That does mean that after two years of development, direct work on openSUSE distribution becomes possible, without bugzilla in between ! You see, we need sometimes a bit longer, but we keep our promises 🙂

The Build Service at is already running it, so it can be already used for submissions. You just need the current osc from openSUSE:Tools project.

When editing a package in openSUSE:Factory, you work usually on a branch of the maintainers project. In this way everybody can work close together with the official maintainers.

These mechanisms are usable via the osc command line client already. But the functionality is provided by the server, so I hope we can easily make the same functionality accessible in the other clients soon.

We have a wiki page describing the way how to use this.

There weill be still some rough edges in the functionality, but only practical usage will show them. A 1.1 release has been added to the roadmap, which can improve these use cases.

Please keep in mind that Factory is frozen atm to get 11.0 out of the door. So submissions will not get check in in the next week. But they can get already prepared 🙂

About adrianS
works on OBS OBS (openSUSE Build Service), but spend some residual time also with sailing, music and of course lots of car driving.

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